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What is the difference between a Personal Chef, a Private Chef and a Caterer?

A Caterer typically prepares food for large events, creating the meals in a commercial kitchen and delivering the finished food to your event.

A Private Chef is employed by one individual or family full time and often prepares up to three meals per day.

A Personal Chef serves several clients, usually one per day. They provide multiple meals that are custom designed according to your particular requests and requirements, all in the safety of your own kitchen.

Is it expensive?

Having a chef come to your home to prepare meals which have been custom-made just for you is a luxury, but it’s a service that clients feel greatly improve the quality and quantity of their very valuable free time.

Please refer to the Personal Chef Service page for a more thorough explanation of how pricing is determined.

Do I need to be home when the Personal Chef is preparing food in my home?

No, but the chef does need access to your kitchen since your meals are prepared in the safety of your own home. On the agreed-upon cooking date fresh ingredients and all necessary utensils are brought to your home for preparation. At the end of the day your kitchen is left spotless with a refrigerator full of meals for you to enjoy…and the aroma of a day of cooking.

How long will you be in my home?

As many different entrees and side dishes will be prepared from scratch, it may take several hours (4-6). We will make arrangements in advance so that the cooking date and time are compatible with your lifestyle and situation.

How are my meals stored?

Usually vacuum-sealed bags are used. Meals are then stored in your refrigerator ready to heat and eat. They can be packaged in single, double or family servings, depending on your needs.

How are my meals heated?

Depending on the type of entree they may be heated in the oven, microwave, or in a pot of simmering water.

Do you cook for singles?

Yes. Several friends may want to go in together and purchase the service with the meals prepared in one home and packaged individually.

When do I pay for this service?

A grocery deposit for each cheffing date is due 7 days prior to the date. If you are a regular client you will probably choose to leave payment for me on each cheffing date to cover the next cheffing date.

How much time will I save?

When you consider the time spent planning your meals, shopping for groceries, preparing and cooking the meals, and clean up, the average individual will save from 8-14+ hours per week. Just imagine what you could do with all that extra time!

How can I begin to use Michael Carillo at your service?

Great question!

Personal Chef serving: Birmingham, Vestavia, Homewood, Hoover, Greystone, Cahaba Heights, Mountain Brook, Inverness, and the surrounding areas.

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